.My opinion of why this area of the Middle East became the birthplace of civilization is because 15,000 years ago
this was a large fish harvesting area. All fish like Salmon spawn at the headwaters of the rivers where they were
born. The main fish still in existence today are Carp. The Balikligol pools today contain 'Sacred' Carp  that are
sacred to the people that live there. This seems to indicate that the history of the area was an ancient fishing
village. The fact that these ancient walls of the two Neolithic cities that are shaped like Flatfish seem to verify this.
The Flatfish that once lived in these rivers have long since become extinct just like many of the birds and animals
that are carved into the walls of Gobekli Tepe. So if you go to the Balikligol Pools which are the Garden of Eden
those Carp have been going there to spawn since the Stone Age. The stream systems in this area of the world
have long since gone dry.
.My estimates of the population of the ancient city of Harran for instance is based on the tremendous size of the
ancient city walls. All people in ancient times built walls around their cities so they could live 'inside' the city walls.
If you look at these ancient city walls of Harran shaped like a Flatfish from the air then you could easily come up
with a number of about 3,500 people.
What is interesting to note here is that the ancient city walls shaped like Flatfish in both cities are
positioned in the direction that the Halibut or Flatfish used to travel when they used to spawn.
"Upstream" What these ancient Flatfish actually used to look like has been "Lost to the ages"
.So far we have just been dealing with the first part of the Book of Genesis which began a lot earlier in the Stone
Age than most people could have believed. The story of Noah is found later in the chapter of Genesis because
this took place at a much later date about 6200 BC. So the book of Genesis is arranged in Chronological order in
which these events took place.
We can place a date in time when Noah experienced the flood as around 6200 BC because of Geology. Around
6200 BC the earth was experiencing a rapid rise in temperature which is called the Interstadial period by
Geologists. During this rapid warming period the earth was experiencing Deglaciation. Polar Ice Caps and
Glaciers were melting all over the earth and millions of gallons of ice water were pouring into the ocean causing
the sea level to rise.
.Geologists have proof of this happening because of what they call 'The Black Sea Shelf Submergence" The
Black Sea also located in Turkey used to be a freshwater lake before 6200 BC then when the flood happened in
the ocean millions of gallons of seawater poured into the Black Sea and it became part of the ocean just like the
Mediterranean Sea.
.Lake Van which is located just a short distance south of the Black Sea also seemed to experience the same type
of flooding. Lake Van is no small lake, in fact it is the fourth largest lake in the world. On the eastern shores of
Lake Van is where the ancient Neolithic village of Van was located. I believe that Noah used to live in this village.
The reason why I believe this is because it is the only Neolithic village of any size located in the area. . The
illustration below shows the layout of the area
.Through Satellite viewing I have located burial mounds that indicate that people were living in the foothills at a
higher level than the city of Van. The Book of Genesis clearly states that Noah landed his Ark on the Ararat
mountains which could have meant the foothills. It doesn't say that he landed on Mt Ararat which has a 14,000 ft
elevation. One Christian died climbing on Mt Ararat looking for the Ark when it is impossible for the floodwaters to
have gone up that high.
.What also coincides with the date of 6200 BC is the fact that people in this area were breeding animals for food for
the first time in history. Raising livestock for food sounds like a common place thing today but in 6200 BC this was a
brilliant new concept that gave rise to civilization. No longer were people living a nomadic life chasing the herds like
in the past. Their source of meat was in the same place all of the time. If you take the story of Noah from the Bible
Noah put a ,girl cow and a boy cow on his Ark, a girl sheep and a boy sheep on his Ark , a girl goat and a boy goat
on his Ark. This is the famous "pairs" story from the Bible. I believe that these animals were his own livestock that
he was raising for food. So when the flood happened he put these animals on his Ark and was planning to re-breed
them when he reached higher ground. This area of Turkey was part of a trading route that stretched all of the way
to Ur and Harran and continued all of the way down to the Mediterranean Sea. The Illustration below shows a
blowup of the area. This route is considered the oldest trading route in all of human history
.This trading route took a cutoff and headed down the Great Rift Valley to the Sea of Galilee and the Dead Sea.
The places marked on the map are the main trading places which show a large concentration of Burial Mounds
and structures in Neolithic times. if you notice the trading route ends at the Mediterranean Sea and the sunken
Neolithic village of Atlit Yan.
In the year 2002 a team of Israeli Archaeologists had found a small sunken village off of the coast of Israel located
in about 60 feet of water under the Mediterranean Sea. Even today they have no idea what they had stumbled
upon. They had found the ancient city of Atlantis, The city that people had been searching for and had dreamed
about finding for centuries. "Or part of it"  What I mean by this is that the story of Atlantis is not about one
particular place like people always thought that it was, It is an assortment of places that stretches through
thousands of years of time and different areas. It reads more like the culture of a group of people that share the
same name. The ancient story of Atlantis came to us in the modern world through four different languages. From
Phoenician to Egyptian and then to Greek and then finally to English. So the real meaning of the story has been
lost altogether. The sunken city part of the story is about Atlit yan. If you can remember the part of the article
about cognates this gives us the clue. Compare the words
              And the word Atlit yan These are cognates:  words from the ancient world that meant the same thing
thousands of years ago but are pronounced differently today.
.The story of Atlantis is so complex that people have never even understood part of this story. Plato was being told
by the ancient Egyptians that Atlantis was located
Beyond the pillars of Hercules. People have always assumed
that the Pillars of Hercules were the Straights of Gibraltar but they are not. The Pillars of Hercules are located in
the ancient city of Tyre and just a short distance away in the Mediterranean sea lies Atlit yan
.Plato himself in his own dialogues reinforces this theory that Atlit yan was Atlantis. He claimed that people from
Atlantis attacked Athens Greece. What he was talking about were the Phoenicians who attacked Greece during the
battle of Thermopylae in 480 BC. So Plato was saying that the Phoenicians were from Atlantis. So this means that
Atlantis was located on the eastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea In this part of the story.
.Another part of the story of Atlantis says that Atlantis was located out in the Atlantic ocean and was 1000 miles
across. The only thing located out in the Atlantic Ocean that is 1000 miles across is North America. I have collected
indisputable evidence that the Phoenicians who were the greatest sailors of all time not only came over to North
America but extensively sailed its coastline. So this part of the story says that North America was Atlantis. The
Egyptians who told this story to Plato originally learned of this story by the Phoenicians when the Egyptian Empire
was first beginning. So this means that the Egyptians knew of the existence of North America over 2500 years ago.